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Welcome to Rainbow Ridge Books. We’re a fairly new company, with the first release of three titles published in the fall of 2010. We are distributed to the trade by Square One Publishers, of Garden City, New York.

Our goal is to challenge old paradigms, present some new ones, and perhaps enlighten the minds and move the hearts of many as we continue to live our common adventure as human beings. Our mission is to look into how the universe really works, discover who we really are, and what our purpose on earth is. It’s a spiritual quest within a physical universe. But the undivided connection is there, always has been, and our mission is to demonstrate it.

These are not the best of times for the planet Earth. In this 21st century, we still can’t seem to shake the old demons of war, starvation and poverty, religious conflicts, genocide, bigotry, and hate; and some newer ones such as increasingly destructive climate change, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, and environmental degradation. No one has all the solutions, but with this new list, we are offering a few ideas from some well-known teachers: Neale Donald Walsch, Richard Bach, P.M.H. Atwater, Amit Goswami, Frank DeMarco, Joe Gallenberger, Lee Milteer, Lisette Larkins, and many more.

You may find it strange that many of the messages are similar. After all, we have heard them from every master teacher and enlightened mind who has ever given us the benefit of their wisdom. But in Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch’s co-author points out that it’s not so much who talks, but who listens.
We promise that you will find these messengers and messages a bit different from what you might have been taught. We promise you will find it challenging and entertaining . . . and never boring. We hope they speak to you.


We have five extraordinary books for the fall season this year. From helping Alzheimer’s patients to the value of spiritual medicine; from the effects of past-life karma on our current maladies to using prayer effectively in creating what we want in life; and the second volume of an enlightening dialogue with people living in the world beyond the physical.

A Conversation between a doctor and a spiritual messenger
Neale Donald Walsch and Brit Cooper, M.D.

Are medical miracles real and is there a spiritual reason they occur? Is there a place for euthanasia in the mind of the spiritual seeker? Can participating in open-heart surgery and dissecting cadavers tell a medical student anything about the soul? Is there an intersection between spirituality and physicality where the two become one?

Let’s get more direct with our questions.

Is there a place for God in the system of modern Western medicine? Should metaphysical/spiritual principles be part of the medical school curriculum? Is keeping patients alive an appropriate top priority for doctors?

The answer to all of the above questions is yes.

Is it possible that human beings are more than simply biological creatures, physical entities with a highly developed mind? Could it be that we are also (or even primarily) spiritual entities? If so, could “healing” involve more than “fixing” the body and treating the mind, but also engaging the Source from which many believe we have emerged? These are not inconsequential questions. Neither are the answers found here.

Pictures to Evoke Memories of Jewish Life
Eliezer Sobel

“I think this is a great idea and it would be very useful, indeed. I never really thought about it, but it makes a lot of sense. I fully support and endorse the concept.” — Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D., Professor of Neurology at Harvard University Medical School, and director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease.

In spending time with his mother in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease, Eliezer Sobel recognized something astounding. Although she had seemingly lost all of her language skills several years earlier, he discovered that she still enjoyed gazing at pictures in magazines and actually reading the headlines aloud! He searched for a simple picture book with easy-to-read captions in big print, but learned that while there are over 20,000 books for caregivers, there are virtually no books written for dementia patients. L’Chaim: Pictures to Evoke Memories of Jewish Life is an effort to remedy this situation. Created for Jewish elders suffering with memory loss, each page stands alone, requiring no memory to enjoy the rich images. Over 30 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease worldwide, with nearly 500,000 new cases diagnosed yearly. L’Chaim is intended to stimulate reminiscence and provide tender moments of connection with our loved ones who suffer from memory-related illnesses.

Past Life Clues to Current Life Maladies
Joanne DiMaggio

“In my experience all significant illnesses/accidents, etc. in this life are the result of unfinished business from a previous life.” — C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Are physical and mental illnesses the result of karma acquired in a past life, and if so, does uncovering that lifetime lead to healing? According to the yearlong research project conducted by author and past-life specialist, Joanne DiMaggio, the answer is yes! Fifty volunteers, ranging in age from 34 to 74, participated in the project. They came in suffering from such chronic conditions as arthritis; diabetes; joint and limb pain; head trauma; weight and digestive troubles; sexual dysfunction; skin conditions; liver and kidney issues; drug and alcohol abuse; and mental illness. Employing past-life regression and augmenting the session with soul writing, i.e., writing in an altered state of consciousness, the project sought to find the buried past-life story behind the present-day malady.

The book explores the experiences of 23 of those volunteers, sharing the details of the regression, the transcript of the soul-writing session, and the results of the follow-up interview to determine whether the session resulted in the condition being healed, improved, or remain the same. The results are fascinating.

Karma Can Be a Real Pain illustrates how ordinary men and women met their past-life aspects and discovered the karmic origin of their chronic condition, resulting in a healthier, happier life in the here and now—and beyond. Karma can be a real pain, but lucky for us, there is a cure!

Lee Milteer

The Magic of Prayers is designed to carry with you so you have inspiration and assistance from the realm of spirit whenever you need it. The Infinite Intelligence is all-knowing, all-powerful, and omnipresent, within every atom of the universe. When you pray, you invoke spiritual law and invite help from the God Source, which activates the ever-mysterious forces that bring the answers to your requests.

Using powerful prayers will create magical results in your life. The prayers in this book are designed to empower you with the words and energy that will connect you to your source to find solutions to whatever challenges you face. Using this book daily will change your life by connecting you to the Source of all answers. With prayers for prosperity, intuition, health, business success, and improving personal relationships, this book is for people of all denominations, spiritual practices, and ages.


A View from the Non-Physical
Frank DeMarco

Rita’s World, Volume II continues the conversation between the author, still in the body, and his long-time friend Rita Warren, now in the non-physical world. In 3D life, Rita had engaged in weekly sessions in which she asked Frank, in an altered state of consciousness, far-ranging questions about the nature and meaning of life. Transcriptions of those sessions were made into a book, The Sphere and the Hologram, after she died in 2008. Now, seven years after she made her transition out of the physical life (3D), she returns to the same subjects with a different perspective . . . from her world now.

Is life meaningful? Are we somehow important to the world? Is there a way for us in 3D to visualize and understand the non-3D world? The six months of conversations comprising the two books of Rita’s World answers these questions. Flowing as simply and easily as a conversation between friends, it offers the reader a new way to see the world. It puts the center of life back where it belongs, after centuries of incomplete and misleading answers. What’s more, it shows people by example how to find out for themselves what their life really is, and what it really amounts to.

Those who were fascinated by Seth or Edgar Cayce will like this book.



Moving Beyond the Limitations of Our Beliefs
Jean Adrienne

Because we are multi-dimensional beings, we have the ability to create in several, if not many, different realities. We aren’t just limited to the physical world anymore. Truly we never were, but we just weren’t able to expand our minds to be able to see that. We had no frame of reference. The past is gone, taking with it all thoughts of playing small. We have found that magic lamp, and we aren’t limited to just three wishes—we can have as much (or as little) as we can handle.
This book is a toolbox, filled to the brim with ideas to help us get outside the box of our pre-conceived notions and limiting beliefs. The reader can take a little from each of the contributors and play in their reality, as you craft your own methods of conscious creation that work for you—fast, with consistency, ease, and grace!
This book came about as a co-creation between the speakers on the popular Realities of Creation tele-summit. Each speaker contributed a chapter on their area of expertise—topics that they have been writing about and teaching for a while. If any particular author resonates more with you, you can always find more information on that topic from their websites. Our reality is changing and this book provides new information to assist you in your own path of conscious creation.

In this book you will find: Jean Adrienne: DNA Reality of Creation; Leslie Amerson: Emotional MasteryEmotional Freedom; Julia Griffin: The True PresenceYour True Self; Laurie Huston: Power of the Heart; Linda Minnick: Perspective; Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos: Dreams During The Age of Aquarius: Six Benefits for You; Maureen St. Germain: How to Get A Higher Self Connection; Suzanne Strisower: You Have a Multidimensional Life Purpose; and Lynn Waldrop: The Body-Mind Connection

Encounters with Remarkable Beings
Rosalyn W. Berne

In Waking to Beauty, Rosalyn W. Berne explores the extraordinary experiences that have shaped her spiritual journey. This book follows When the Horses Whisper, which details the author’s capacity to “hear” and speak with horses, an unexpected gift that changed her understanding of who we are as human beings, in our connection to other beings. Waking to Beauty considers the early childhood origins of this capacity, and shares the realizations that have flowed from this gift. This journey moved her from an external orientation, with a theistic God dwelling “somewhere out there,” to experiencing the divine as present within us and with our fellow creatures.
The crux of the book centers on Rosalyn’s encounters with a mare named Beauty, which led her to a profound experience of God dwelling with us here on Earth. The new vision of spiritual evolution that flowed from these encounters opens profound possibilities for humanity, in its interdependence with other living species as well as the earth itself. Beauty makes it clear that human existence is in a precarious state, and that humans need to change in order to survive. But why would anyone take a horse’s message seriously?  Reading this book may help to provide an answer to that question.

A. Robert Smith

Beliefs vary around the world, usually in conjunction with a person’s religious faith.
Instead of a prose account of his own views, veteran journalist and author, A. Robert Smith, uses the old-fashioned style of proverbs—short, often punchy statements that are meaningful and often humorous. Benjamin Franklin, his favorite of America’s Founding Fathers, was a master at composing terse phrases that were full of wisdom, humor, and common sense. He published them in the Pennsylvania Gazette before the American Revolution. About half of the proverbs contained here express views on marriage, family relations, child behavior, and other essential topics. The other half includes proverbs by Ben Franklin and sayings from other popular figures, such as Shakespeare, Confucius, Schweitzer, Churchill, Eleanor and Teddy Roosevelt, the Buddha, Maya Angelou, Mark Twain, and Will Rogers.
Nine of the Ten Commandments found in the Christian faith are included in Robert’s 101 Rules. And some comparable rules from all the major religions. Altogether, they comprise a guide for living the good life, so that everyone can say about their life what his granddaughter-in-law, Samantha Avery, said to him, “Angels believe in me!”


Sharing the Messages with Children
Neale Donald Walsch with Laurie Lankins Farley and Emily A. Filmore

This book is an outgrowth of the School of New Spirituality program. In it, Walsch has joined with Laurie Farley and Emily Filmore, the directors of the school, to put into one place all of the spiritual concepts of a home schooling curriculum. This book makes available for parents not only the tools for teaching CwG’s concepts, but a narrative summary of the concepts themselves, because this special articulation for parents would form the backbone of their home schooling efforts, and help them to use the other tools created by the school with maximum effectiveness. Each chapter in this book is presented in two parts: (1) A narrative for parents that includes background information and interpretative commentary on the spiritual concepts being explored; and (2) Tools with which parents may effectively share these concepts with their children. Together they form a powerful teaching guide for the spiritual teachers of the 21st century.

A View from the Non-Physical
Frank DeMarco

Is life meaningful? Are we somehow important to the world? Is there a way for us in 3-D to visualize and understand the non-3-D world? Rita’s World answers these questions. Flowing as simply and easily as a conversation between friends, it offers the reader a new way to see the world. It puts the center of life back where it belongs, after centuries of incomplete and misleading answers. What’s more, it shows people by example how to find out for themselves what their life really is, and what it really amounts to. Those who were fascinated by Seth or Edgar Cayce will like this book.

Be . . . and It Will Be
Ronny Hatchwell and Zach Sivan

Most of us believe that something needs to happen or to be achieved in order for us to be happy. We all have that one thing or more, typically related to money, relationships, or better health, which we see as essential for our well-being. And then, in many cases, that thing happens to us. But  after a short reprieve, we find ourselves back to the same feeling of lacking another thing that would make us happy. Sound familiar? The secret revealed in this book is that happiness and serenity are actually our default state of being. We do not need to add something, but rather remove those negative feelings that hinder our natural state of being. And it is actually much simpler than we think, although it does require deeper understanding and true practice, as you would expect from a substantial paradigm shift.

SOUL COURAGE Watch What Happens
Tara-jenelle Walsch

It’s fairly widely understood that life is about more than the experiences of the body and the mind, but it takes a special kind of commitment to also engage one’s soul in our day-to-day encounters. Those willing to make this remarkable choice can “raise the vibration” of every one of those encounters—even their momentary or seemingly insignificant exchanges with others—to a level that touches the heart of our very reason for being alive . . . allowing us to come alive in ways that can utterly transform our entire journey upon the Earth.


The Real Secrets to Manfesting Anything You Want
Lee Milteer

We are more than just human! We came to earth with the ability to create with our thoughts. We’ve just forgotten how. This book is here to remind us. Reclaim the Magicwill evoke a consciousness shift and an awakening within you to manifest your heart’s true desires. This book will give you the tools and concepts to claim your natural birthright power as a manifestor, become fully conscious of the abilities you have within yourself, and evolve into your authentic being. You are a spirit in a human body and are much more powerful than you have been led to believe.

Unleashing the Sustainable Power of an Economics of Consciousness
Amit Goswami
This book is written for both the businessperson and the consumer, in other words, everyone. It touches upon important issues like creativity and ethics in business. It informs the reader that the time has come to look for jobs that bring meaning and value into their personal lives. It gives quantum hints for new business leadership: a viable science of manifestation, how to revitalize the business arena, how to transform the energy of money, how to deal with globalization and keep the free market free, how to achieve an economy of sustainability and prevent economic meltdowns, and how to eliminate, once and for all, poverty and hunger.

A Novel
D. S. Lliteras
Viet Man is a powerful novel about the transformation of a young man who enlisted in the Navy during the Vietnam War, was trained as a hospital corpsman, was transferred into the Marine Corps, then sent to Vietnam where he joined the elite First Recon. It is a story told by a man who ultimately survives the war and returns to his homeland, but another country will forever dwell in his soul. “[An] absorbing, gritty military novel . . . [Lliteras] wins the reader’s admiration with his loyalty to and compassion for his battle-mauled patients . . . [he] spins his first-person narrative with laconic prose and acerbic wit . . . [an] accomplished novel.” —Publishers Weekly

Bridging the Gap between East and West
Vernon Kitabu Turner
Few feelings are more debilitating than fear. It may seem that fear comes from the outside, but it is always brought under control from within. Ki-Asana Zen is a practice dedicated to the restoration of resiliency and spontaneity to the mind. The spontaneous mind does not harbor fear because it does not cling to thought patterns of any kind. Ki-Asana Zen is a meditation technique that is balanced, relatively easy but internally sound. With Ki-Asana you don’t meditate . . . IT meditates. This powerful but simple technique will teach you how to deal with any problem that comes your way.

FALL 2014

Neale Donald Walsch
Is it possible that everything we think we know about God, and what God wants, is wrong? Could humanity's ideas about all this be the greatest inaccuracies . . . ever? Would it matter if they were? The author of the multi-million-selling Conversations with God series places the question squarely before our world in another blockbuster book that could move our species closer to true spiritual revolution on the earth, changing humanity's future for the better, forever.

Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience
P. M. H. Atwater
“What has been missing from my work, from everyone else’s work, from personal stories, from those who interpret personal stories, from experts in religion and spirituality, from the news media, the scientists, the grief-stricken, and the born again . . . is what lies at the heart of near-death experiences: It is nothing less than the proof that everyone on planet Earth, in their own heart, seeks to have: that God exists.”

The Good Fortune Handbook
Joe Gallenberger, Ph.D.
Manifestation expert, Dr. Joe Gallenberger, distilled decades of wisdom about how to create your dreamsHe wanted to give people a simple and fun way to access heart-based manifestation and see immediate results in the form of days filled with synchronicity, serendipity, and good fortune. Liquid Luck is an essential handbook that will be consulted repeatedly, offering a clear path toward our dreams lit with humor and heart.

A Practical Guide to Using Visualization to Improve Your Health and Your Life
Frank DeMarco
This book offers simple, free, effective techniques to improve your health and your life. It will show you how to live without fear, knowing that you are not helpless before accident, and disease, and injury. But more than that, it moves into issues beyond health, because all parts of life are connected, no matter how it may appear. Correct internal imbalances and you will see external circumstances change. It is true, what is promised here: You can do this.

The Incredible True Story of Extraterrestrial Contact.
Lisette Larkins
Lisette Larkins has been implementing her ET mentors’ counsel for more than three decades.
Here she reveals all that she has learned from wise extraterrestrial visitors who are here to help us evolve. Her fifth book, Above and Beyond, will initiate you on your journey to become more fully human by revealing the marvels of your immortal heritage and the glorious adventures of eternal life “behind the veil.” 


Book One
David Young
A true account of the ongoing and mind-blowing experiences between David Young, a multi-talented musician/producer/artist, and former Beatle, George Harrison. Seemingly impossible synchronicities, all of them helping him to rise above his life’s challenges, and not only evolve as a musician, but as a spiritual being as well.

Visions of Science, Dreams of God
Philip Comella
What the world needs now is a positive worldview combining the aspirations of religion with the rigor of science. This book breaks important ground regarding the limited purview of life as we’ve come to know it, encouraging readers to explore the unfettered depths of a new vision of universal purpose.

The Day God’s Train Stopped
Patti Conklin
Patti Conklin, a world-renowned healer, has learned that everything in the universe has a frequency, and that quantum physics goes hand in hand with metaphysics. Whether you believe in science or faith, in truth the idea that they are separate is only a perception. That knowledge is the real source of health and healing.

The Ultimate Guide to What Happens When We Die
P. M. H. Atwater and the International Association of Near-Death Studies
What really happens when we die? An estimated 15 million Americans and 4 to 5 percent of the global population have had a near-death experience. This book is the encyclopedia of the phenomenon, including crucial research regarding the experience, its after-effects, and the implications for all of us still alive.

A. Robert Smith
Ben Franklin had a bastard son whom he acknowledged, but the identity of the boy’s mother was never revealed. Here is a witty, whimsical unraveling of this mystery, as Franklin, detained by St. Peter at Heaven’s Gateway, tells the story of his life to justify his scandalous reputation. Rainbow Ridge’s first work of fiction.

A Catalyst to Consciousness
Sara Chetkin
Healing is more than a physical experience. Genuine restoration unveils the self and awakens the seeker. It requires openness, enduring courage, and honest inquiry into the self, and, ultimately, total surrender. The Healing Curve chronicles such a journey.

Conversations with Maha Avatar Babaji
Rashmi Khilnani
Babaji, the ageless avatar who taught Jesus and Moses, and who, as Shiva, is the Lord of the Universe, speaks to us through his devotee, the Indian mystic Rashmi, who shares with us both her journey with this supreme master and his wisdom teachings for the modern age.

A Story About Inner Trust
Mary Elizabeth Marlow
The story of Jumping Mouse, from the Native American tradition, is a compelling tale about the journey to acquire inner trust—the ability to trust the path of our own hearts. NEW EDITION with an experiential guide of rituals and ceremonies for individuals, couples, and groups.